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I’ve written a lot. When I say a lot, I mean literally thousands of adverts for in-store, lots of radio adverts, jingles and show content, scripts for different types of video and animations, case studies, articles, web copy, and even a few birthday cards. Ironically my handwriting is pretty dreadful, so thank goodness for word processors. I also write and produce music.

Despite all of that writing (or perhaps because of it), I still enjoy it. I get a buzz when I write something that really works, or is clever, or funny. I’ve included some of my previous work below, along with a bit of background and a sample client list at the very end. I hope you find it useful.

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Scripts and screenplays for eLearning courses

I currently write and edit scripts and screenplays for eLearning courses. The examples below were written by me. These are the freely available trailers for courses that exist behind a paywall.

The following trailers were scripted by me, but I didn’t write the screenplays.

Various web content

This is a blog post I recently created for my current employer:
Click here to have a read
And content for a webpage for the same:
Click here to read it

And here is a website that I provided the entirety of the content for:
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A new advertising campaign for an old friend

I recently wrote a series of radio ads for a long-time client of mine. These ads are intended to refresh a long-standing and extremely successful campaign that we wrote together over 12 years ago. To some extent, there is an ‘in-joke’ here. The new ads mimic the original but I’ve taken the idea and placed it into an entirely different scenario. it still works as a stand-alone ad as well. See if you recognise the VO in the first of the ads to be launched.
Click here to visit their site and listen

Kwik Save Halloween ads

Sadly Kwik Save is no longer the force it once was. However, it was once one of the cornerstones of supermarket retail in the UK. The Kwik Save marketing department used to keep me very busy writing, recording and producing in excess of fifty adverts per week. This particular campaign required ‘fun and engaging’ Halloween copy that added to the seasonal in-store experience.

I love the horror films of the 1960s and in particular the work of Vincent Price, so this seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. The voice we used for these ads was near perfect. You’ll also hear me voicing his trusty sidekick Igor.

Here are two of the scripts and the finished ads I wrote and produced for Kwik Save on behalf of The Voice Point Ltd.

Kwik Save Halloween ad 1
Kwik Save Halloween ad 2

Fox’s biscuit selection

Another ad for Kwik Save. This time there was no special occasion, but I remember very clearly this idea jumping into my mind as soon as I saw the biscuit selection on the product spreadsheet that Kwik Save sent over as a brief. It also helps if you have such a brilliant and talented voice over to work with. You’ll have heard her before as part of Peter Kay’s Car Share, reading the station idents and links on his car radio.

Kwik Save Fox’s biscuit ad

Poundland Valentine’s Day

Poundland is a relatively new kid on the block when compared with Kwik save and, while most of the scripts I wrote for them packed a multitude of products into the relatively meagre 30 seconds we were usually allowed, like ‘Kwikkies’ they sometimes surprised with their appetite for comedy. They surprised me even more with their taste for the macabre, but more on that further down the page.

This script was written for Valentine’s Day and is an attempt to avoid the slush that is usually bandied about at that time of year (typical bloke huh?). I went for mild comedy that (hopefully) didn’t offend, but that was also pitched squarely at the correct demographic for their market.

Poundland Valentine’s Day ad

Poundland Halloween campaign

This is where Poundland really surprised me. The brief I originally received was for a kitsch, almost “Scooby Doo” type of ad campaign, but when I obliged with the first draft they decided to up the ante and go for the gore. Several drafts later I finally hit the mark and was quite taken aback by how far they wanted to go with this. I have to say I enjoyed both writing the scripts and recording the SFX and voices immensely. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience which I found hugely funny, but I’m still not sure whether I should have done or not…

Here is one of a number of Halloween ads that I produced for them over a period of several years. You’ll find several related scripts from those campaigns below that too.

Poundland Halloween trailer

Laura Ashley in-store ads

There’s nothing like a bit of name dropping is there? I didn’t write many scripts for Laura Ashley, but I like the style, some of the phrasing and the overall feel of the finished ads. There isn’t a great deal of creativity involved in this script, but I do like some of the spoken rhythms. It just works.

Laura Ashley Mid Season Sale

Superdrug Solait ad

Superdrug wanted something different, so I obliged and wrote this. Moving away from the standard ads they had been serving for a number of years, I tried something a little different. I was going for a “real feel” here, trying to connect more directly with the general public, putting the customer in the advert instead of another professional sounding voice in a glossy ad. I really do think this was a little ahead of its time and they decided not to go down this route in the end, but plenty have since.

Radio ads

Radio adverts have been a staple throughout my career and I have included a couple of the more creative ones below. As ever, the first challenge is to fit everything into 30 seconds. After that you need to stand out against the crowd, with these three ads I’ve tried to achieve that in different ways. The first is atmospheric, dark and brooding, drawing in the listener with specific imagery. The second is highly silly, very risque and bears an obvious resemblance to a certain Spanish waiter. Finally, the third ad is attempting to put you, the listener into the ad itself. Appealing to your needs and drawing you in with the promise of the familiar and the comforting. Anyone fancy a pint?

The Haunting – Venue Cymru radio advert

The Haunting – Venue Cymru radio advert 30s

Cherry Orchard radio advert

Cherry Orchard radio advert 30s

Video scripting

I have written a number of scripts for different types of video and animations, and for a wide variety of clients. Keeping information simple, clear and direct whilst remaining engaging and informative can be quite a balancing act. The scripting stage is a critical part of that process, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?

I also believe that it’s so important to provide an end product that people can relate to. Demonstration is a great way to achieve that, as is playing on your average person’s hopes and fears. If your reader, listener or watcher is nodding in agreement or thinking ‘that’s a good idea’ then you’ve made a connection, they are more receptive and you’re well on your way to achieving your goals.

Property Minder pen range
Breath Baby

Case studies, articles and web content

Web content comes and goes as websites are changed or updated. It also has a tendency to be altered over time, so most of the content that is out there I rarely revisit. However, I have included a few examples below in order to provide some contrast to the other examples of my work.

Previous client list

I have provided copy for a number of clients over the years. Here are just some of them, and in no particular order:

  • Superdrug
  • Poundland
  • Laura Ashley
  • Next
  • Ikea
  • Odeon Cinemas
  • Wickes
  • Halifax
  • RBS
  • Barnardo’s
  • B&Q
  • Focus DIY
  • Tenpin
  • Riley’s
  • Makro
  • JJB
  • Wynsors
  • Bonmarche
  • Peacocks
  • Internacionale
  • Lookers
  • Cool Britannia
  • Wilkinson/Wilko
  • T J Hughes
  • Reid
  • Age UK
  • Fabric Warehouse
  • Dunelm Mill
  • Harveys
  • Hobbycraft
  • Air Ambulance
  • Quality Save
  • Kwik Save
  • Pavers
  • Home Bargains
  • Fantuzzi
  • Baumann
  • Terex
  • Monkey Bizness
  • Children’s Society

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